A rat in my kitchen – Diary Entry #1

Fri, Nov 6, 2009 07:34 PM PST

0e151676-6506-423c-b2e6-9bf8720dc825_300Well, I am now in my office after a ragged hour of actually watching a rat trembling and shaking in the new ELECTRONIC RAT TRAP that I bought from Home Depot the other day.

I saw his disgusting long rat tail shoot straight up into the air and tremble and shake. I could hear the static sound similar to the sound of an electric chair frying a killer.

I was scared to death that he might scoot out and jump on me. He did not. I then called my neighbor to ask him to get the rat out of the trap and ditch it for me, but Rick was not home. My other three neighbors weren’t home either, so since I did not want to go to sleep knowing that a dead or half dead rat might be rustling around in the rat trap in the kitchen, I decided to be a man about it and just ditch it myself. I admit that I actually considered calling the police station on Vanowen Blvd. to ask for a policeman to come and do it, but I realized the folly of that after about 30 seconds of trembling.


Brown rat

I got my oven mitts and grabbed the big metal trap (after turning it off) and held the thing over the Ralph’s market bag and whereas the instructions on the rat trap box depicted a rat falling out of a trap, in real life the rat would not slide out of the metal trap box. I figured maybe the electrocution burned him to the metal floor of the trap. I stood there in front of the trap and the rat’s beady black eyes were staring at me. I waved my hands in front of the holes at the back to see if it would move out of fear, and it did not so I figured it was dead for sure. Still, you can’t be sure.

I walked around shaking and thinking and figured I could not quit now, so I got the longest kitchen implement I could find so I could hold the trap in my left hand and *scrape* the rat off the floor of the trap. Only thing is, the trap, being metal and sturdy, is also heavy, and cloth oven mitts are slippery, so I had to take the mitts off and hold it with the actual skin of my hands.

I picked up the trap with two bare hands and shook the trap over the Ralph’s market bag. Shook it hard, but vertically, not horizontally, which might have had the rat flying out the side and into my face. The rat fell into the bag. I took the bag outside and ditched it into the trash can.

This all happened because about a month ago Cheyenne, my labrador retriever, and I, had a tussle at her dog door, she butted her way through the door and dislodged the north half of the thick vinyl flap, leaving a hanging dog door. That door is probably how the rat entered the house.

My first clue that I had four legged visitors was tiny black pellet droppings in front of the stove (and also behind it), and for several mornings after that I would walk into the kitchen in the morning to find that the lid of Cheyenne’s cookie jar was off the jar, lying on the counter.

I witnessed the killing because while I was seated at the kitchen table I heard some odd scurrying noises and the sound of canisters being knocked about. I first thought ”MOUSE!” but then, after cautiously approaching the area of the canisters, I saw emerge a brown head and two dark round beady eyes. The head was big. Rat sized. I ran to the garage to get the big rat trap that I set near the door because I saw that the little white plastic traps were too small. I put the big electronic box near the canisters and then sat at the table, shaking. Then I heard the sizzling, static buzzing sound of a rat being electrocuted…. and I went to watch. How I stood through it, I do not know.

My fear now is that where there is one rat, there are probably more. Tomorrow I am going back to Home Depot to buy another trap. They cost either $39 or $49, but are worth it. The other small traps have holes too small and this big thing could never have fit into them. They’re good for mice, which is what I earlier thought I had. I didn’t need to put in any fresh peanut butter and I put the trap back where it was because maybe another one of those little jerks will come around trying to steal dog biscuits or my special Jasmine rice.




4 thoughts on “A rat in my kitchen – Diary Entry #1

  1. Allie says:

    These critters give me the creeps, but there is something funny about the way you tell the story.

  2. RatLover says:

    I’m…shocked! Rats are the cutest things ever!!! I have two pet rats and I care for a nest of wild ones. I love rats, and have never touched rat traps or poison. Poor old rats are COMPLETELY misjudged 😦

  3. alex says:

    wow,thats nice,
    buy one that makes the poor thing suffer.
    and call them jerks?
    sorry i’m with *ratlover
    i also have two rats,love them to death,they are kind creatures.
    very sweet,little kits.
    now i’m sorry.
    but i think we would all be happier if you
    A. didn’t tell us about this
    B. used a humane (trap and let go into the wild)
    C. get a rat proof smell for the out side of your hose 🙂
    and if you get the humane (choice B)
    you can use it over and over without hurting yourself,the creatures,and your money 🙂

  4. Lasse Manson says:

    I agree with the two rat lovers. I have a little rattie, and my first vision when i read this was of was my rat being in the cage and suffering like this.

    Please use a humane trap in the future, I know you dont like them, but they are animals and rather complex ones too. The ‘trembling’ you saw is that poor animal in the most terrifying experience in its life. Does that not make you feel any sympathy for it? Would you like your labrador stuck and being electrocuted? No. Then man the F*** up and get rid of them without using those heinous traps.

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