Sarah Palin, you don’t need the large bag of ego that is Oprah

Tue, Nov 17, 2009 03:59 PM PST

Michelle Obama, Oprah, Barack Obama

I was never crazy about Oprah Winfrey like so many other women are or have been. For reasons that I cannot fathom, she never had what made me want to catch her shows and in my lifetime I have watched only a choice few of them, but I know her style from the constant coverage she has on air and in ink.

I started actively disliking her when she spoke against beef in a ”Mad Cow Disease“ on her show and was sued by the Texas cattle ranchers. Not that she spoke out against beef, because that is her right, but that she took out the race card and used it there in Texas, referring to herself as a vulnerable, beset-by-thugs Black woman. She, who could have bought all of Texas on the spot. At that point it was goodbye, Wrong Answer, Shut Up, Go Home. This hugely wealthy woman with an empire bigger than a Chinese dynasty trying to win a case using the race card was my definite Last Stop For You, Lady.

Oh, and there’s also the tantrum she threw when Hermès didn’t ler her into the shop simply because it was after store hours. Remember that one? After playing herself as just one of us, nothing special….. until Hèrmes doesn’t open its doors after closing time just for her — and then you see the real Attitude.

Because what’s really bothering me is that Sarah Palin felt it necessary to have a sit-down with Ms. O after being turned down for any kind of exposure during the campaign, when Oprah was making sure that only Obama got all the air and ink from her. Bothers me that people consider her the venue without which you cannot win. Stop it already.

Palin needs nothing from Oprah. Nothing. Zip. Niente. Nada. Nichevo. I wish that she had stayed away from the sorry huge ego that is Winfrey and I hope that she stays away from the Likes of Letterman. Those two overexposed blowhards can get lost and suck the air that blows out of their mouths.

And here is the article that set me off. Still makes me mad that Palin’s advisors are steering her towards the likes of Ms. O.


Sarah and Oprah, Separated at Birth?

Posted: 11/17/09

By Mary C. Curtis / Politics Daily

Sarah Palin and Oprah Winfrey

Sarah Palin and Oprah Winfrey have more in common than you – and they – might think. Both women from modest backgrounds have built success on their “everywoman” appeal. And both have long since become anything but.

Watching them square off on Winfrey’s show Monday was like watching Queen Elizabeth I and Mary, Queen of Scots – respectful monarchs keeping their distance. Except, neither lost her head.

It was a curious hour, with both women on their best behavior. When Winfrey “went there” with questions about Levi Johnston, she played it more cute than caustic, throwing in that “invitation to Thanksgiving dinner” comment sure to draw get a laugh without cutting too deep. Even her usual demonstrative audience seemed to hold its breath, waiting for drama that never came.

For her part, Palin didn’t make much of Winfrey’s very public support for candidate Barack Obama. During the election season, Winfrey strayed from her human-interest features and diet and lifestyle tips to take on politics, and some of her female viewers – perhaps feeling solidarity with Palin – resented it. Her ratings dipped slightly, something that hardly slipped the astute Winfrey’s notice. So she’s off to state fairs, consolidating her down-to-earth bona fides, and mending a few fences with the hottest interview on the planet.

Palin’s smart enough to know what’s at stake. The most successful authors still go through Winfrey’s empire. On the show, Palin felt close enough to Winfrey to do a little Katie Couric-bashing, peevishly blaming the CBS anchor for the crime of asking follow-up questions. (By the way, how can Palin now insist she didn’t want to be treated differently because of her gender, then imply Couric promised a just-between-us-girls chat instead of a serious interview?)

Because both Palin and Winfrey trail strong personalities and a power aura, there wasn’t any room for spontaneity, and that’s too bad. I was waiting for Winfrey to ask Palin why she didn’t rebuke the more raucous and racist chanters at campaign rallies. Instead, viewers got some video of Palin in the gym and hanging out with the kids. As the interview ended, when Winfrey playfully asked Palin if she craves a talk show and Palin demurred, calling her questioner the “queen,” it was clear that there would be no heat and little light.

What you got was what you’d expect – two pros who know how to protect their brands and can recognize a fellow survivor when they see one.



One thought on “Sarah Palin, you don’t need the large bag of ego that is Oprah

  1. I am so done with Oprah. Not having television for many years, I was pleased when I found I could get all the Oprah I wanted on my new satellite radio. A year later, I was so tired of the ego, and the agenda of all her “friends”. I cancelled.

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