10 ways to stimulate the economy with your brain

by Pamela Slim on November 5, 2009 / Cubicle Nation



I don’t know about you, but I get mighty tired of reading newspaper articles and blog rants about the effectiveness/ineffectiveness of stimulus money on our economy.

What makes me frustrated is that we waste hours a day fighting with each other about things outside of our control, instead of using our own brains to do something about our local economy.

So here is my list of 10 things you can do, right now, to stimulate a small corner of your local economy without spending a dime:

  1. Mentor a new business owner.  If you know how to build an effective website or display goods more effectively on a shelf or close a real estate deal, share your knowledge with someone just starting out. Your input will lead to faster sales.
  2. Host an event at your local coffee shop.  If you have been meaning to gather friends together for a social event, suggest you meet at a favorite local haunt. The dollars spent there will be appreciated. I am sure you all know a place as great as Liberty Market.
  3. Send an email to friends raving about your favorite business.  It could be a dry cleaner, restaurant or babysitter. A personal note will make a big difference in their buying decisions.
  4. Give feedback to a business owner about something they should fix. We often speed through our day, annoyed at something in a local business that inhibits buying. But we never take the time to tell them. Tell them, and they may make more sales.
  5. Constantly promote others on your social networks.  If you see one of your trusted friends promoting a course or workshop or selling a great product, spread the word.
  6. Hook up people who should work together. Maybe you know a graphic designer who would work really well with your friend who is a copywriter. Make the connection, and both businesses can grow.
  7. Host a Laid Off Camp.  If you are worried about the amount of people in your local community out of work, host a Laid Off Camp like we did here in Phoenix this summer. Volunteer your time and enlist your friends to help get your workforce supercharged and employed.
  8. Attend a local Chamber of Commerce meeting. Find out what your local businesses are doing and see if you can support them.
  9. Rave about your local community, and encourage investment and tourism. I am a proud new member of the Phoenix community, and tell anyone who will listen what a great place it is to live, work and visit. Do the same for your favorite location.
  10. Use your superpowers for good.  This is a favorite expression of my dear friend Marilyn Scott-Waters, otherwise known as The Toymaker.  If you walk around being open and friendly and encouraging, everyone will feel better. The better they feel, the more motivated they will be to tackle tough problems and get our economy back on track.

There is a lot that is out of our control. But if we each step up our concern and support for our local businesses, we will make a difference in our economic recovery.

What did I miss?



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