Be More Like Edward

You’ll wait a long time to hear me disagree with this one.  ~ZZ


By Sharalyn Hartwell, Relationship expert

It’s OK, you can admit it. We know you don’t always pay attention to everything your girlfriend says (she talks a lot), but there’s one topic you can’t help but notice. She seems to talk a lot — in those nauseating gushing tones no less — about this Edward Cullen guy.

Who is he? You know he’s some dude from that Twilight movie nonsense, but why is your girlfriend acting like a groupie? With the release of the second movie right around the corner (and the consequent two-hour torture you know you’ll be forced to endure right there with it), it’s high time you clued in why women love this dude and why you might want to be a bit more like Edward.

who is edward anyway?

In short, Edward is every woman’s fantasy. He’s handsome, he has a rock-hard body, he’s wealthy, he’s smart, he’s articulate, and he’s kind. He’s perfect — except for one teeny problem. He’s a vampire and desperately desires the blood of his human girlfriend, Bella.

Of course you’re thinking, “So what? I don’t get it. Why do women love him so much?” Everything just described isn’t too far off from the latest Hollywood A-lister and seems more like something your 13-year-old niece would be obsessed over, not a grown intelligent woman. Well, you’re right. The superficial things listed above aren’t really it. The real reasons women love Edward go much deeper, and are things you can do even better than him.

Edward chooses Bella

In the story, the characters are in high school. Edward could have easily had his choice of any of the girls in school, even the ones deemed absolutely perfect by anyone’s standards. Bella is a typical girl and only sees her shortcomings (sound familiar?). She doesn’t think she is in his league, yet for some reason, one she can’t quite figure out, Edward chooses to be with her.

Be even better than Edward: Make sure she knows you chose her. This is not to say you want to flaunt your desirability in her face (chances are she, like Bella, is well aware), but rather ensure she knows you chose her. No girl wants to think you settled with her or that you’re only with her because there’s no one better right now. She wants to feel special, so let her know that even if you were given any option in the world you’d still choose her.

If you want to be more like Edward you’ll want to follow our advice…

Edward sacrifices his own comfort to be with Bella

Vampires drink human blood, Bella is awfully tempting, but he denies his thirst to be with her.

Be even better than Edward:
Do a little sacrificing of your own. Women think it’s romantic when you willingly (key word is “willingly”) give up something for her. It can be something as simple as skipping your typical game night ritual with your buddies to run errands with her, or something more significant such as going to visit her family over the holidays.

Edward has impeccable manners

Edward is always polite and shows proper respect to everyone — his family, his teachers, even his enemies, and especially the important people in Bella’s life.

Be even better than Edward: Be a little old-fashioned yourself. Always do the basic chivalrous things your dad taught you: open her doors, help her with her jacket, pull out her chair, walk closest to the street, etc. And don’t do this only for her, but for all women. Show respect not just to your girl, but to the important people in your life and hers.

Edward is a total contradiction

He is a vampire. He should be sadistic and feast on humans. Instead, he is incredibly kind and subsists on the blood of animals to remain humane. Bottom line: he just isn’t what he appears.

Be even better than Edward: Be unpredictable and surprise her. If you’re a manly man who’s into the stereotypical guy things, surprise her by developing a domestic hobby such as cooking, or suggesting (and actually enjoying) the occasional chick flick. If you’re a really athletic guy, be a contradiction by suggesting the two of you take dance classes. If you’re not a man of many words, surprise her by expressing yourself through a heartfelt, handwritten letter. Get it? The point is to illustrate you aren’t all that you seem either.




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