Probably just a dream

Wed, Jan 13, 2010 12:24 AM PST

Several days ago I had a dream that almost, for a very little while, opened a crack into my skepticism and made me consider the possibility of life after the last time we close our mortal eyes.

After my husband died, I never had that feeling that he was here with me. Whenever people say that a departed loved one visited them at the foot of their bed I always consider that to be a function of their hopes and desires and a lack of skepticism. I have heard my departed husband’s voice in my head almost every day, but I always consider that simply me thinking about him and imagining him to be telling me things. I like proof. Not theoretical proof, because theories can be manipulated to yield a desired outcome, but real proof in the physical world.

That’s why the dream I had the other day was so very unusual.

[Continued, I hope. I guess I need to think this through a bit more,]


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