This blogger is 65, retired, and lives in Southern California with her labrador retriever, Cheyenne.



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One thought on “ABOUT

  1. Hi Lorna,
    I wanted to send an email not make a comment. I could not find the tab you suggested in the header, but I can be like that. I have missed your blogs since you moved away from Blogspot. Today I checked the box which will notify me of new posts.
    I am pretty sure it was one of your posts that inspired a painting which I then entered into a large art project called the Book of Death. My submission/artwork was prompted by your post about the seventeen year old girl was stoned to death.
    Painting is often the only release I have to rid myself of the emotions generated by such topics, and I imagine for you, writing probably does the same.
    I miss your provocative writing and look forward to your renewed enthusiasm when you find it.
    Joanne Licsko.

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